Kidnap - messy household

"Whatever. It is the truth. On the table is a box. Inside the box is a razor and some shaving foam. Get completely undresed and put your clothes in the box. Then shave your pubic hair off"

"It'll be alright, Prongslet. I'm here, and Moony is hereā€¦ and look there! It's Miss Tricia and Lexie!" Sirius pointed to where the two women were standing, obviously waiting for them. Harry lifted his head and then perked up a bit as he spotted them. Sirius carried him up the stairs and Harry laughed, launching himself at Lexie, having not seen her in over a week now.

After sometime had passed, the King came down with a deadly chronic disease. Before the king died, he told Alibaba that he would like to leave the kingdom to him. Alibaba asked about his mother and was reassured that the King loved her. This put Alibaba at ease. He refused the King's request for him to be king, explaining that it was not his place and that the two Princes should be the one to handle their country. However, he decided to devote himself to Balbadd. That night, he saw Cassim again, inside the walls of the palace. Before Alibaba realized it, he was surrounded by members of Cassim's group from the slums. They started attacking and stealing from the palace. While Alibaba was frozen, one of Cassim's subordinates noticed him. Upon learning about Alibaba's presence, Cassim ordered to just knock him out. Alibaba could only feel the heat of the flame that engulfed the palace. [10] The next morning, Rashid had passed away. Because of his feelings of guilt and fear, Alibaba escaped Balbadd that same day. From that point, he traveled until he ran into Aladdin . [11]

Kidnap - Messy HouseholdKidnap - Messy HouseholdKidnap - Messy HouseholdKidnap - Messy Household