Schiller - sehnsucht (limited super deluxe edition)

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The German-language translation of Tennessee Williams 's A Streetcar Named Desire by Berthold Viertel is entitled Endstation Sensucht .

The basic melody was adopted for the hymn " Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee " (aka "The Hymn of Joy") by Henry van Dyke , as well as for the songs " A Song of Joy " by Miguel Ríos , and " Road to Joy " by Bright Eyes . The tune was also used for the national anthem of Rhodesia . It has been used in a number of other contexts: notably in The Beatles ' second film, HELP! , Stanley Kubrick 's 1971 film A Clockwork Orange and in the Die Hard film franchise , as well as the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the film, Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo . In 1996, it became the theme song for Triple H in the World Wrestling Federation until early 1998. A version of the song was used as the Everybody Loves Raymond theme song. Recently [ when? ] , it is also used in the game Peggle . An instrumental version of this song is used as theme of the UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifiers and 2018 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers matches, branded as "European Qualifiers", [12] and since 2005 it is the Copa Libertadores official anthem. [13] It is also used as a closing theme for both the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics television broadcasts on many networks. Classical radio station KUSC uses it as the official sign off for their pledge drive fundraising.

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Schiller - Sehnsucht (Limited Super Deluxe Edition)Schiller - Sehnsucht (Limited Super Deluxe Edition)Schiller - Sehnsucht (Limited Super Deluxe Edition)Schiller - Sehnsucht (Limited Super Deluxe Edition)